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contact information

johann at this domain for email.
You SHOULD use OpenPGP encryption. You MAY also use age encryption and/or minisign when communicating with me. Here are my respective keys:
OpenPGP public keyvia web key discovery
age public keyage1m5z0lplu5jj5gnw9sqmu9ppyx95c70w55ev0m5v7pflcwp2aadhqhy4gtm
minisign public keyRWRHwfOfj+lM6WtJzjg7JqzxdNlxuNR+gpDvTyqgusNaSOy31AG4gBBT

See also heading "me on other platforms"

git and code

Agate binaries mirror
Trivial Technology mirror

misc stuff

windows experience, ks, griddy, oriscript, clock
Atkinson Hyperlegible font mirror
Picking random notes of a Fediverse user (or searching all their notes).
silly project to render fancy error messages
some random lilypond music
Bingo für Deutsche Bahn
Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling

knowledge base

OAuth 2.0 adventures in Foundkey
How to inspect running Node.js processes


Segmented type appreciation corner
Simon Tathams portable puzzle collection
short trip (relaxing online interactive painting)

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Me on other platforms

If you see someone suggesting they are me and are not sure, you can ask me. It is possible that I forgot to list it here, or that I do not want to publicly list it for privacy reasons.

  1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. - Article 1 of UN General Assembly resolution 217 A (a.k.a. Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
    It is sad that this has to be explicitly stated today still, as the document above has existed since 1948-12-10.
  2. Joy is just a lack of information.
  3. Daylight Saving Time should be abolished. Which time is chosen to remain is bikeshedding, we could always do one more change if we decide to do it.
  4. Interrupting someone is impolite, listening closely is the opposite. We should all practise it more.
  5. The opposite of love is not hate, but disregard. This is why people get muted or blocked instead of just hated on.
  6. Copyright protection should be shortened to 42 years. For more information refer to this nice video which has been released under CC-BY-NC-SA: Copyright: Forever Less One Day. CGP Grey (local copy) also available on YouTube and on the Internet Archive.
    For even more information visit Question Copyright.